AP-3008FH Large capacity air purifier

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High-capacity air purifier removes concerns about air care in the multi-use facility!

The Tuba is a super-capacity air purifier

equipped with the latest and most advanced technology.

  • Large capacity covers room sizes up to 93 m²
  • Smart air control system enables air purifier to operate at optimal speeds by sensing the degree of pollution level with color coded indicator
  • Detects the indoor air pollution level based on gases inducing bad odor.
  • 5-Stage Filtration system
  • Customized filters are changeable for specific needs : Anti-oil mist filter, Anti-microbial filter, Anti-ozone filter
Power Consumption 106W
Filters Pre-Filter
Non-Woven Filter
Anti-Microbial Filter
Deodorisation Filter
HEPA Filter
Fan Speed 5 Levels
Coverage 93 m²
Noise Level 31.2 – 52.5 dB
Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 x 420 x 956 mm
Net Weight 25.0kg
Price Outright



Monthly Rental RM142


Model AP-3008FH
Filter Cartridge – Pre filter
– Medium filter
– Custom filter
– Advanced Deodorization filter
– True HEPA filter
CADR Smoke 450
Dust 400
Pollen 450
Room size
93 ㎡ (1 001 ft²)
Basic Feature Fan Speed 5 levels
filter Indicator Yes
Special Feature Air quality indicator
Auto mode
Energy Saving (Eco mode)
Swing mode
Fan Speed
Airflow rate 4.2 ~ 16.8 CMM
Noise level 31.2 ~ 52.5 dBA
Power Consumption ~ 106 W
(W x D x H)
600 x 920 x 410 mm
(23.6 x 36.2 x 16.1 inch)
Weight 24.5 kg (54 lb)

Color Black
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