BB-14AUS ultra slim water softener

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Slim Design Water Softener and Perfect for Compact Bathrooms

Slim Design Water Softener
Perfect for Compact Bathrooms
Smoothen and Maintain a Soft skin with Oriental-Plus Complex Filter containing Chrysanthemum Extract
Regeneration in just 15 mins
Option to Alternate between Soft and Tap Water as needed

Model BB14
Filtration Herbal PLUS Composite filter
Installation type Stand / wall-mount
Soft water capacity 1.3 ton (at 70 ppm)
Recycling cycle 8 times in 2 month
(W x D x H)
Round 280 x 190 x 500 mm
(11.0 x 7.5 x 19.7 inch)
Net Weight Round 7.0 kg (15.3 lb)
Color Black
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